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Value Creation


As the business environment changes at a rapid pace, in accordance with our corporate philosophy, we will effectively utilize our diverse capital and work to solve social challenges in order to grow as a corporation while also contributing to the creation of an affluent and sustainable society. Furthermore, the entire company will strive as one team to achieve the 2026 management targets: a consolidated revenue of ¥500 billion and an operating income of ¥100 billion.

Social Challenges/Changes

  • Labor shortages
  • Global warming
  • Natural
  • Advancement
    of digital


THK's capital

Corporate Philosophy

Providing innovative products to the world and generating new
trends to contribute to the creation of an affluent society.

Corporate Philosophy


Industrial machinery business

  • Linear and rotary components
  • Service robots
  • Seismic isolation and damping systems

Automotive and transportation business

  • Next-generation auto parts
  • Linkage and suspension parts

Promotion of DX

  • Omni THK
  • OMNIedge

Talent development

  • THK Education Outreach Program
  • EntSherpa (startup company support)


Labor shortages

  • Supporting automation and labor savings
  • Participating in proof-of-concept trials for service robots

Global warming

  • Energy savings through products/services
  • Zero emissions result:0.14%
  • Installing solar panels (Solar power generated:4,206 MWh)
  • Installing high-efficiency equipment

Natural disasters and infectious diseases

  • Reducing risk of earthquake damage
  • Participating in proof-of-concept trials for contactless robots

Advancement of digital technology

  • Boosting customers' overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Improving value provided to the customer and boosting internal efficiency and productivity
  • Supplying parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment