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How THK Connects with Stakeholders

Our business is made possible through collaborative partnerships with all of our stakeholders, and we aim to solve challenges through active and continuous communication with all parties. We will continue to reflect the feedback of our stakeholders and strive for heightened corporate value and sustained growth.

Stakeholders Customers Shareholders and investors Business partners Employees Local communities Government
Concerns and expectations
  • Provision of appealing products
  • Stable delivery of products
  • Extensive support structure
  • Medium- to long-term increase in corporate value
  • THK's customer order trends
  • Domestic and international production conditions
  • Stable order volumes
  • Job satisfaction
  • Good salary and benefits
  • Personal growth
  • Work-life balance
  • Participation in local community
  • Restoration support after a disaster
  • Environmental impact reduction
  • Job creation
  • Compliance with domestic and international laws and regulations
  • Tax payments
  • Active participation in industry-government-academia collaborations
Sharing information
  • THK website, Technical Support Site, etc.
  • Sales activities, exhibitions, private shows, etc.
  • Contact forms, chat messaging, etc.
  • Omni THK
  • Integrated Report and Investor Relations section of the website
  • General Meeting of Shareholders, financial results briefings, and meetings to exchange opinions with institutional investors
  • IR information e-mail delivery service
  • THK Association (online) seminars and exchanges
  • THK Association status report meetings held at each production facility
  • Internal notice boards, announcements, etc.
  • Internal newsletter (THK GROUP NEWS)
  • Meetings, morning assemblies, etc.
  • Employee parties and company retreats
  • THK website
  • Consultations with relevant government agencies
  • Participation in economic/industrial organization meetings
  • Introducing products through proof-of-concept trials
  • Collaborative research
Activity results (2022)
  • Exhibitions: 45
    Private shows: 28
  • General Meeting of Shareholders and two financial results briefings
  • Interviews with institutional investors:Approx. 250
  • Participated in international institutional investor conference
  • THK Association seminars held: 2
  • Local THK Association status report meetings held (online) for each production facility: 7
  • Data utilization training
  • English lessons
  • Manager training
  • International trainee orientation
  • Donated to Ukraine via Japanese Red Cross and People in Need (Czech Republic)
  • Continued THK Education Outreach Program
  • Cosponsored the Minato City Half Marathon 2022
  • Completed various surveys
  • Participated in proof-of-concept trials (Kanagawa Prefecture and Aichi Prefecture)
Future challenges
  • New products that respond to automation and other new types of demand
  • Expanding global structure for supplying products
  • Transforming into and becoming a fullfledged manufacturing and innovative services company
  • Convincing institutional investors of growth potential in discussions focused on the medium to long term
  • Efforts aimed at reducing environmental impact
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion
  • Improving employee well-being (self-fulfillment)
  • Sharing information with local communities
  • Reducing environmental impact of business activities
  • Sharing information for the purpose of industry-government-academia collaboration