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Communication with Shareholders and Investors


THK engages in IR activities in an effort to disclose information in a manner that is fair, impartial, expedient, accurate, and easy to understand. We strive to provide more thorough and valuable information through events such as financial results briefings and IR meetings, the investor relations section of our website, and the Integrated Report.

Activities and Results

IR Activities

While many Japanese companies have normalized holding their shareholder meetings on the same day, in an aim to have open meetings where more shareholders can participate, THK has held its General Meeting of Shareholders on a Saturday in mid-March (mid-June prior to 2017) every year since 1998. We also work to increase transparency by means such as providing observer seats at this meeting in order for a broad spectrum of people beyond only shareholders, including our business partners and investors, to gain a better understanding of our management.
In addition, an IR Department was established directly beneath the President's Office in 2002 as a means to reduce management risks and strengthen the dialogue between THK and capital markets. As a specific example of their efforts, in addition to having the CEO present the company's results and strategy at a semiannual financial results briefing, the CEO's visits to institutional investors overseas that began in 2000 were turned into a routine* practice. This has resulted in the percentage of foreign-owned shares increasing from 23.2% in the 2000 fiscal year to 36.5% in the 2022 fiscal year. THK will continue striving to be a company that is evaluated highly on a global stage through its various IR activities.

* This practice was discontinued after 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The IR Website

  • IR Library
    In addition to documents related to financial statements, including "Investor Information" compiled from summaries of financial results and detailed financial data, the library also includes the Integrated Report. Presentation materials and videos are available here following the financial results briefings held every year in February and August.
  • IR Information E-mail Delivery Service (RIMSNET)
    This service sends an electronic newsletter announcing financial results to registrants, who are primarily individual investors.
    Register at:

    * The IR Information E-mail Delivery Service is managed by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.


General Meeting of Shareholders

For Our Individual Investors

Since 1998, we have held our General Meeting of Shareholders, which is based on the concept of an open meeting, on Saturdays during periods when few shareholder meetings are scheduled. We provide seats for observers so that many people, including business partners, can participate.
We also hold an exhibition after the meeting, where we introduce the various fields where our products are utilized, such as machine tools, industrial robots, automotive and transportation equipment, and seismic isolation systems.

THK Integrated Report(Annual Report/Sustainability Report)

Through the Annual Report, we showcase our efforts to improve our medium- to long-term corporate value by comprehensively introducing various stakeholders, such as our shareholders and investors, to our message from the CEO, corporate history, growth strategies, segment-specific activities, R&D efforts, ESG matters, and more. Japanese and English versions of this report are available.

Download the THK Integrated Report(Annual Report/Sustainability Report)here.