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Health and Safety

Basic Stance/Policy

  • We consider the improvement of occupational health and safety to be one of the most important issues for the Production Division, and as we conduct our business activities at each factory, we promote the creation of a safe, healthy, and comfortable workplace by eliminating harmful work environments that may lead to injury or illness.
  • We continuously improve our health and safety management system by setting appropriate occupational health and safety goals at each factory and reviewing them annually.
  • We strive to improve occupational health and safety by complying with laws such as the Industrial Safety and Health Act and rules relating to occupational health and safety established by the company and workplace.
  • Each facility eliminates hazards and causes of harm in the workplace through risk assessments and promotes activities with the goal of completely eliminating all potential hazards.
  • Each facility promotes the occupational health and safety management system with the active participation and consultation of all employees.
  • We acknowledge that the occurrence of accidents and injuries is a direct reflection of the nature and culture of the workplace, and we promote activities to develop correct habits through the use of the occupational health and safety management system.
  • This occupational health and safety policy is disseminated to all employees at each plant through education, training, and awareness campaigns, and we facilitate the timely release of information relating to occupational health and safety within and outside the Production Division.

In order to achieve a safe and comfortable workplace and zero workplace accidents, we conduct activities to raise awareness of safety in particular through education and training. We ensure that all employees at each production facility have the mindset for an accident-free workplace, and we disclose information on occupational health and safety in a timely manner. Next year and beyond, we will continue to promote health and safety activities and obtain information on revised laws and regulations at all times. The Kofu plant achieved 3.1 million consecutive accident-free hours* in August and is in the process of applying to the Kofu Labor Standards Inspection Office for class 1 certification. In April, THK RHYTHM's Hamamatsu plant achieved 13.2 million accident-free hours, and in July, the plant received a class 4 accident-free record certificate from the Hamamatsu Labor Standards Inspection Office.

* Accident free hours: Number of employees x total labor hours


Create a pleasant work environment with zero work-related accidents or illnesses.

Health and Safety Management Structure

Industrial Machinery Company Production Division Safety Structure
Industrial Machinery Company Production Division Safety Structure

Activities and Results (Including Goals)

2022 Activity Results




  • Prevent work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Zero labor accidents
  • Achieve 3.1 million hours without any accidents (class 1 accident-free record)
  • 1. Assessing risk
  • Created a risk reduction plan and implementation report for each workplace and made improvements to achieve 10% reduction in current evaluated risk score.
  • 2. Conducting workplace health and safety training
  • Conducted training at each production facility. Additionally, in response to industrial labor accidents that occurred, training was conducted across five production facilities in order to raise awareness and prevent similar accidents.
  • 3. Implementing hazard prediction training and soliciting proposals to prevent near miss events
  • Production: 1 submission/month per group, Support: 1 submission/month per department.
  • Continuously improve occupational health and safety performance
  • 4. Communicating and managing up-to-date regulations (Performing chemical substance risk assessments)

  • Held monthly meetings for reviewing revisions to laws in order to ensure constant awareness of and compliance with their provisions.
  • 5. Promoting health and safety committee activities

  • Convened monthly health and safety committees to gather requests from employees and work on continuous improvements.
  • 6. Performing internal audits and management reviews
  • Reciprocal internal audits were performed among five production facilities in May and November.
    The 2022 management review was conducted in February 2023.
  • 7. Implementing traffic safety activities
  • Health and safety committees at each production facility discussed conditions that led to accidents and how to prevent them.
  • 8. Conducting workplace safety patrols
  • Conducted regular patrols at each production facility. Findings and improvement measures were reported by the relevant departments at each production facility's health and safety committee meeting.
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace
  • 9. Addressing mental health
  • Conducted stress checks of all employees under the direction of the headquarters Human Resources & General Affairs Department.
  • 10. Receiving guidance from industrial physicians and implementing disease prevention activities
  • Had an industrial physician inspect the workplace and provide guidance at the health and safety committee meeting.
  • 11. Performing regular and special health checks
  • Conducted regular health checks in addition to special health checks for specific individuals at each production facility
  • 12. Managing long work hours (excessive overtime)
  • Managed and reported on overtime at the monthly health and safety committee meeting at each production facility.

Incident and Severity Rates

2020 2021 2022
Incident rate 0.67 1.43 0.88
Severity rate 0.00 0.02 0.02

Applicable locations: Five THK manufacturing plants (Yamagata Plant, Kofu Plant, Gifu Plant, Mie Plant, and Yamaguchi Plant)

Efforts at Each Facility

Kofu Plant

Becoming a Certified Excellent Workplace

In September, the Kofu plant was selected by the Yamanashi Prefectural Labor Bureau as one of three excellent workplaces in Yamanashi Prefecture that are recognized as models for other companies due to their high level of safety and health performance.

Certificate of Excellence
Certificate of Excellence


38th Health and Safety Slogan Contest Winner for the 2023 Annual Slogan

Miyuki Watanabe of the Product Design Group within the Manufacturing Promotion Unit's Product Technology Section submitted an entry to the 38th Health and Safety Slogan Contest held by JISHA in August, and her submission was chosen as the winner.

Be careful!" Reach out. Check for danger. Connecting with each other connects us to tomorrow.
Miyuki Watanabe