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Strengthening Customer Support

Sales Activities


  • Increase market share Strengthen collaboration between global branches
  • Enter new markets Generate new demand
  • Strengthen proposal-based sales Discover customers' problems and propose solutions

Our company name incorporates three principles: Toughness (tough, durable products), High Quality (the world's top-quality products), and Know-how (expertise for our customers). Under these principles, we conduct our daily sales activities with a customer-focused approach where we think, act, and verify results from the customer's perspective. Currently, we have established an integrated production and sales structure with 121 sales offices and 37 production facilities close to centers of demand in order to produce and sell locally in four regions: Japan, the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
In the past few years, we have been expanding into fields that are different from our conventional ones in order to implement continuous initiatives in new business areas. As we did last year, we held meetings with customers online in order to conduct sales activities. For exhibitions outside of Japan as well, we used the internet to link the Japan headquarters with local sites and conduct technical discussions.

Next year and beyond, we will maintain a sales attitude that is in line with market trends and considerate of customers.

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