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Human Rights

The "THK Group Human Rights Policy"

The THK Group has established the "THK Group Human Rights Policy" regarding human rights throughout the entire Group.
Previously, the THK Group had used the "THK Group Action Charter" to ensure respect for human rights while conducting business operations. However, in order to conform to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights published by the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2011 as well as the UN Global Compact, which THK signed in February 2020, the THK Group deemed it necessary to further clarify our stance on human rights as we promote various activities, and has therefore established this policy.
Approved by the Board of Directors in June 2020, this policy is a high-level set of guidelines that serves as a standard for human rights activities in the THK Group and represents our commitment to respect human rights through the Group's efforts.
The THK Group will use this policy to promote activities with an even greater level of respect for human rights and contribute to the creation of an affluent society.

THK Group Human Rights Policy

Established: June 2020

The THK Group respects the human rights of all people associated with the THK Group based on its corporate philosophy of "Providing innovative products to the world and generating new trends to contribute to the creation of an affluent society," which represents the pioneering spirit of the THK Group.

Basic Concept
The THK Group supports and respects the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and other international standards regarding human rights. In addition, as a signatory company to the United Nations Global Compact, the THK Group acts in accordance with the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact concerning human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption.
This Policy functions as the dominant policy for the "THK Group Action Charter" and all other standards that relate to initiatives encouraging respect for human rights within the THK Group. Furthermore, this Policy is an indication of the THK Group's commitment to respect for human rights.
Scope of Application
This Policy applies to all officers and employees of the THK Group. In addition to this Policy, all officers and employees of the THK Group comply with the standards encouraging respect for human rights in their respective companies.
The THK Group also expects all business partners associated with the THK Group's business activities to support and comply with this Policy.
Conduct Guidelines
  • The THK Group complies with all laws and regulations, and engages in fair trade and business activities with a high sense of ethics.
  • The THK Group respects the basic human rights, individuality, and diversity of individuals, and does not discriminate, harass, or otherwise treat individuals inhumanely based on race, gender, language, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.
  • The THK Group does not engage in any forced or child labor.
  • The THK Group will comply with labor agreements and respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
  • The THK Group will create a working environment where employees can work safely and with peace of mind, in a manner that is healthy both mentally and physically.
  • The THK Group will provide appropriate education to all officers and employees, and strive to create a vibrant corporate culture in which all people respect each other for their diverse individual characteristics.
  • The THK Group makes efforts to build a system that allows officers and employees to raise concerns about human rights violations in good faith at any time, and to recognize any negative impacts on human rights by performing due diligence.
  • In the event that a violation of human rights becomes evident, the THK Group will immediately take appropriate action, including steps to prevent a recurrence, and adopt effective remedial measures.
  • The THK Group will make this Policy known to all officers and employees and disclose this Policy to the public in an appropriate manner.

Statement on the UK Modern Slavery Act

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Activities and Results (Including Goals)

Establishing Helplines for Harassment

The THK Group Action Charter clearly states that the THK Group will respect the human rights, diversity, character, and individuality of each employee regardless of their location, and we will ensure comfortable working conditions. As one concrete measure we have taken, our company rules prohibit and outline disciplinary actions for those who commit sexual harassment, power harassment, and harassment against people who take child or family leave for pregnancy and childbirth. We also provide the THK Group Helpline (managed by the Risk Management Division) and a dedicated Harassment Helpline (managed by the Human Resources & General Affairs Division) as means to consult about harassment.

Distributing an Anti-Harassment Guide

We have prepared an eight-page guide to enable our members to better understand harassment.

Anti-harassment guide
Anti-harassment guide

Efforts at Each Facility

THK RHYTHM Headquarters, Hamamatsu Plant, Kyushu Plant

Seminar on Human Rights

Internal human rights personnel attended a seminar in April regarding human rights that was sponsored by the Risk Management Department. In addition, an internal online seminar for managers was conducted in July, which talked about things like: (1) the definition of human rights; (2) what society expects from the THK Group; and (3) the history of the establishment of human rights, recent societal trends, and the human rights that corporations should respect.

Dealing with Conflict Minerals


Having carried out investigations in cooperation with our trade partners, we are making efforts to promote the non-use of any conflict minerals (tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold) that act as a source of funds for armed insurgents carrying out human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and surrounding countries.