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Supply Chain Management

Basic Stance/Policy

THK's daily operations are performed in accordance with our policy to manufacture products in the optimal location and to conduct our business and improve our technology in a way that meets the needs of our customers.

THK Basic Policy on Procurement

In order to continue to provide THK products that satisfy our customers, we establish good, healthy, and mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers.

  • Procurement process designed to improve communication in cooperation with suppliers and strengthen collaborative relationships
    (Evaluating and choosing suppliers with thorough consideration for QCDES*)
  • Offering fair and equitable business opportunities and securing reasonable prices in compliance with all pertinent laws and social norms
  • Efforts to minimize costs. Encouraging the active pursuit of cost-saving projects and value-analysis initiatives
  • Pursuit of global procurement and continuous strengthening of our supply chain
  • Implementation of a BCP (business continuity plan)
  • Environmental consciousness through green procurement

* QCDES: (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Environment, Safety)

Policy for 2023

  • Global procurement and optimizing procurement locations
  • Accelerating work speed and boosting work efficiency with DX
  • Establishing a structure with suppliers to increase production and promoting improvement activities

Supply Chain Management Structure

THK considers suppliers to be valuable partners for ensuring mutual growth. We share the common goal of continuing to provide customers with satisfying products, so we provide forums for sharing information about new technology, production methods, and materials; build collaborative frameworks; and promote product improvements. Furthermore, we exercise our social responsibility and environmental awareness by rejecting dealings with criminal organizations and promoting green procurement throughout our supply chain.

Partnership Building Declaration

Having declared in August 2022 our intent to strengthen our business partnerships by building new mutually beneficial relationships, we aim to create positive growth and distribution cycles. Positioning suppliers as key partners for accomplishing mutual growth, THK continues to build cooperative structures and engage in product improvement toward the shared goal of continuing to supply customers with satisfying products.

Partnership Building Declaration
Partnership Building Declaration

Activities and Results (Including Goals)

Establishing and Distributing CSR Procurement Guidelines

Based on our belief that efforts at every step of the supply chain are essential to the promotion of CSR activities, we distribute our CSR Procurement Guidelines to our suppliers and request that they actively engage in CSR activities.

CSR Procurement Guidelines (31KB)
CSR Procurement Guidelines
CSR Procurement Guidelines

Working with Suppliers

THK meets with suppliers to exchange technical information about processes in order to improve and refine both party's techniques. Businesses in the THK Association actively conduct value analysis proposals relating to machining technology, and the number of proposals increased from 1,162 in 2022 to 1,533 in 2023.


1,533 proposals
(2022: 1,162 proposals)

Environmental Consciousness

Throughout our supply chain, from design to sales, we strive to adhere to social norms and be environmentally conscious in order to create a sustainable society. On the environmental front, the switch to lead-free products under the European RoHS Directive, which we have been working on since 2020, has been postponed for some components due to the extension of the deadline for exempted items. However, some components that are being shipped to Europe are gradually being switched to lead-free products.