How THK Connects with Stakeholders

THK communicates with various stakeholders in order to create an affluent society.

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Stakeholders Examples of involvement Frequency
Customers Exhibitions in various countries Japan: 21
Outside of Japan: 34
E-mail newsletters As necessary
Shareholders and investors General Meeting of Shareholders Annually
Financial results briefing Semiannually
IR information e-mailed to investors As necessary
Business partners
(subcontractors and suppliers)
THK Association General meeting: annually
Branch meetings: periodically
Employees Relaying various policies and messages from the CEO As necessary
Company trips and employee and family events Biannually
Recognition of continuous service Annually
Recognition of Kaizen proposals Annually
Training programs As necessary
Government administrators Social insurance reporting and tax returns As necessary
Participating in seminars As necessary
Local communities Donation drives As necessary
Employee volunteer work As necessary
Plant tours As necessary