Management and Reduction of Chemical Substances

Activities and Results

PRTR Substance Use

In an effort to reduce the amount of hazardous materials (materials that can have a negative impact on the human body or an ecosystem) that we use, we are reducing our use of chemicals subject to the PRTR Law.* The PRTR substances used at THK are primarily those found in the gasoline and heavy oil we use as fuel. Our goal is to reduce the amount we use by 3% each year. In 2018, the reduction in heavy oil use resulting from HVAC heating system upgrades led to an approximate 14% reduction of 10,409 kg compared to the previous fiscal year, from 73,017 kg to 62,608 kg.

  • * PRTR Law: Law Concerning Reporting, etc. of Releases to the Environment of Specific Chemical Substances and Promoting Improvements in Their Management
Substance Amount Air Emissions
Xylene 2,563 229
Toluene 4,741 1,930
Ethylbenzene 742 74
Benzene 193 8
Methylnaphthalene 48,566 112
Other 5,803 -
Total 62,608 2,353

Changing the Cleaning Solution

The Gifu plant changed the cleaning solution it uses when washing the steel balls that go in the LM Guide used for automotive components. By switching to a non-PRTR substance, they reduced their annual use of PRTR substances by around 49.5 kg.

Reducing Waste Collection Frequency

The TRA CZECH facility installed a trash compactor to reduce the volume of waste and thereby decrease the frequency of collection. As a result of reducing the frequency of its landfill waste collection from twice to once a month, this facility decreased the waste truck’s travel distance by around 6,000 km/year and its fuel consumption by around 240,000 L/year.