Environmental Impact Overview

THK Group Business Activity Environmental Impact Overview1

In accordance with ISO 14001, each facility in the THK Group pursues activities to reduce environmental impact, such as green procurement and efforts to achieve zero emissions. We are also working to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in production and distribution.

  • 1 The overview of our environmental impact and environmental accounting data is based on the following production facilities: Twelve production facilities in Japan: Yamagata, Kofu, Gifu, Mie, Yamaguchi, THK NIIGATA, THK INTECHS (Sendai and Mishima), NIPPON SLIDE, and THK RHYTHM (Hamamatsu, Inasa, and Kyushu)
    Eight production facilities outside of Japan: TMA (USA), TME (France), TMI (Ireland), DALIAN THK (China), Wuxi (China), Liaoning (China), Changzhou (China), and TMV (Vietnam)
  • 2 Data was collected from the Toyota branch, Yamaguchi plant, THK INTECHS Mishima plant, and THK RHYTHM Hamamatsu plant.
  • 3 Data was collected from five production facilities in Japan (Yamagata, Kofu, Gifu, Mie, and Yamaguchi); three distribution centers (Tokyo, Chubu, and Yamaguchi); and three factory centers (Yamagata, Kofu, and Mie).
  • 4 Data was collected from the 12 production facilities in Japan.