Activities and Results

Environmental Targets*

In order to promote environmental activities throughout the THK Group, the Risk Management Division Environmental Management Section serves as the nexus for activities aimed at achieving environmental goals conducted between the production, administrative, and distribution divisions.

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No. Item Results
1 Conserving energy and resources CO2 emissions ratio
  • Target was 0.70. Result was 0.70.
  • CO2 emissions: 100,624 (2017), 106,282 (2018).

THK’s target for reducing our CO2 emissions is defined in terms of CO2 emissions per production volume in yen.
With the increase in our production, the amount of CO2 emissions (absolute emissions) from our 12 production facilities in Japan in 2018 increased 5.6% compared to the previous year. However, we were able to achieve our emissions ratio goal of 0.70.

2 Recycling and reducing waste Zero emissions rate (%)
  • Target was less than 0.50. Result was 0.19. (Target achieved.)
3 Green procurement PRTR substance use (kg)
  • Target was 70,826. Result was 62,608. (Target achieved.)
No. Item Main Initiatives for 2018
1 Conserving energy and resources
  1. Conserve energy on existing equipment
  2. Improve system for energy use
  3. Upgrade air conditioning
  4. Replace light fixtures
2 Recycling and reducing waste
  1. Sort and recycle waste
  2. Reduce material use
3 Green procurement
  1. Reduce PRTR substances
  2. Review solvents used
  3. Reduce frequency of shipments
  1. * These are the target values for the 12 production facilities in Japan.
    (Yamagata, Kofu, Gifu, Mie, Yamaguchi, THK NIIGATA, THK INTECHS (Sendai and Mishima), NIPPON SLIDE, and THK RHYTHM (Hamamatsu, Inasa, and Kyushu))