Human Rights

Activities and Results (Including Goals)

Establishing Helplines for Harassment

The THK Group Action Charter clearly states that the THK Group will respect the human rights, diversity, character, and individuality of each employee regardless of their location, and we will ensure comfortable working conditions. As one concrete measure we have taken, our company rules prohibit and outline disciplinary actions for those who commit sexual harassment, power harassment, and harassment against people who take child or family leave for pregnancy and childbirth. We also provide the THK Group Helpline (managed by the Risk Management Division) and a dedicated Harassment Helpline (managed by the Human Resources & General Affairs Division) as means to consult about harassment.

Distributing an Anti-Harassment Guide

We have prepared an eight-page guide to enable our members to better understand harassment.

Anti-harassment guide

Dealing with Conflict Minerals


Having carried out investigations in cooperation with our trade partners, we are making efforts to promote the non-use of any conflict minerals (tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold) that act as a source of funds for armed insurgents carrying out human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and surrounding countries.